Saturday, 1 March 2014

Big Girl Decisions

Big Girl Decisions

Big Girl Decisions by qriius-apparel featuring strapless cocktail dresses

It's part of life to grow up...we all have to do it. So with growth comes responsibilities & those responsibilities come with major decisions. I look back on some of the things I did, said and thought as a teenager and have realized that I can no longer hide under the mask of  "she can get away with it because she doesn't know better" because truth and fact is I was young and inexperienced in every sense of the word.  But now there is no excuse if I decided to continue along those immature paths because now I KNOW BETTER!

I do have some things that I wish I had never done but it was all part of me growing up and it contributed to who I am now as a woman. I've learnt to appreciate the value of life, family, friendships and spirituality. This is what our existence is all about! Taking, living and learning from each moment and understanding, that while some concepts of what we may deem important in a particular aspect of our lives may not be as detrimental as we thought when we get to our future selves.  

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