Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bag of sunshine!

Bag of sunshine!

Bag of sunshine! by qriius-apparel featuring a yellow skirt

You know that saying.. at the end of the storms there is a rainbow and the sun will shine? Well it's actually a very true statement.  I know some days feel like everything is going wrong and there is seemingly no end to our problems but once you believe there is something greater out there for you and try to keep that positive outlook, it will get better.

I am no 'bag of sunshine' but I do believe that once we stay focused on where we want to go in our lives and trust in our faith (whatever religion you are) there will come a time when things will begin to go the way we want them to go. You have to believe in yourself and something greater than yourself. You have to be willing to put in that hard word and sacrifice. We all want the finer things in life but do we really deserve it if we didn't take the necessary steps to get there?

Life is a challenge and we all have some obstacle that we must face to get to our own individual greatness. The biggest challenge is keeping a positive outlook through all the bullshit (yes I cursed). It maybe storming in our lives now but there will be a rainbow at the end of it all. The best part is you will look back and recognize how strong you were. You won't only appreciate all you have gained but you will gain a greater respect for who you are.

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