Monday, 4 March 2013

Str8 from the runway!- Akris Fall 2013 RTW Collection

It's that time of year again! The endless collections and designs are out on full display at the various runways, and they are showing us what's in store for the upcoming fall season. Now, though there isn't such a season in the Caribbean, we can still appreciate some of the collections that are offered to the world of fashion.

Today we look at Akris-  A company formed in Switzerland which began firstly constructing simple aprons, now they are worldwide brand known for some of the most sleek and sophisticated pieces.

We love this collection because it shows  that sexy isn't always about how much skin is revealed but sexy is the confidence one displays while being covered and in comfort. No doubt these pieces look wearable and practical, this is what truly makes the collection so interesting.

Black was the dominant color used in the collection as it was a homage to the passing of the designer's mother, however, this collection was far from 'in mourning'. I loved the use of those geometric crystal like patterns and the ways in which they were applied to conform to a woman's silhouette.

Another favorite was those funky cropped pant suits, which contained sheer inner pieces.  These suits scream glamour, high fashion and luxury but have the biggest element of cool! We are definitely going to see a couple celebs sporting these looks.

Another great look on this designer's runway were these sheer dresses that made used of horizontal lines and added to the imagination.

My final take on this collection was this was pure sophistication and it brought back the essence of great tailoring. These are definitely timeless pieces one can invest in.

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