Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tis the season!- Carnival Style!

So it's Carnival season here in beautiful Trinidad And Tobago, and saying that it is HOT  here is an understatement. Carnival is one of the (if not most) anticipated seasons of the year here. People from all regions come over to participate in our parties, music and this fantastic culture.

In terms of the fashions..let's just say around this time of year everything gets a little more risky. Things are expected to be tighter, shorter, brighter and a whole lot more revealing and strangely that's all ok.  It is Carnival, literally a season where anything and everything is a go.

I must ask though when is too little too much? Well it seems that question isn't of too much concern at the moment. Too little is expected. We do however have the few that do stand out this season and still understand that it's not about skin but we can still keep style and class in the mix.

This time of year we will see any and every style there is, that's just the culture of Trinidad and Tobago this time of year. However, we do hope the ladies step up not only in the style but also the class levels, one should always maintain that line that you would/wouldn't cross, that all depends on you and knowing yourself (and also your body type).

As the season draws almost to close with the grand show itself- The playing of MAS! We look forward to seeing lots more fashion, color and sex appeal!

Stay tuned we'll have more pics to display- coming soon!

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