Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Upcoming MALE segment!

Notes to him...

My dear readers it is time I appeal to my male audience as I find myself being bombarded with requests from my male counterparts to do a segment specially dedicated towards their gender. I believe I do have what it takes to produce articles of this nature as I do possess substantial experience in male fashion and retail industry.  With this given knowledge I am able to put forward my opinion on some of the happenings on the male side of style and fashion while still being open to opinions and any outside knowledge.

‘Notes to him’ is which will be similar to another segment on this blog called ‘Fashionista with a brain’, is opinionated articles addressing some of the male style issues that I believe should be highlighted. Men are fashion seekers as well, and it has nothing to do with sexuality it is simply being image conscious. How can I fault them for taking pride in their outward appearance, especially when females are stepping up their style game! These articles will not only place emphasis on male style, fashion and trends but will also offer few words of advice and of course some recommendations for styling tips.

Men out there I hope that you enjoy these upcoming articles as there is much to discuss! My words are not meant to hurt but to encourage one to look beyond the average t-shirt, sneakers and jeans spectrum and appreciate the true essence of male style. 

Be not afraid to embrace the man you are and love the man you can be!

Stay with us for our upcoming articles! 

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