Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Ever saw some of those really eye catching ensembles and wondered ‘How do I get that look!’ Well my wonderful fashion friends I have found a couple tricks to keep us not only ON but WITH trend!
 '6 Tricks of the trend' is a segment giving some advice that either comes from my own experiments, looking through tutorials, speaking with stylists or reading some of those helpful fashion articles. In being a fashionista it is second nature to have a few tricks up your sleeve when it pertains to styling, so I do hope you enjoy the upcoming tricks of trends that I'll be sharing with you.

6 Tricks of the trend: #01 Mixing Prints

So we have seen this look a lot lately, either on the streets or on the runways, it’s basically everywhere! We must admit that it has a very polished and high end feel to it once done right. Now mixing prints can go from sophisticated to crazy looking very quickly if certain key guidelines aren't followed.

Here are six tricks to the trend to keep in mind

  1.  Be sure to find prints that have some similarity, whether it be in shape or design. An example is using spots with stripes or florals with paisley
  2.   Keep colors within the same tone so it all blends in together, a good example is all neutrals or neons etc
  3.  Try to keep your pattern ranges between 2 to 3 different designs, too many prints can look very confusing
  4.    With a mixed print outfit, it’s best to keep your accessories minimal
  5.    Use one colored but contrasting tone bag and shoes to pull the entire look together
  6.     You can also have fun mixing prints of the same nature but in different colors

Have fun trying these out guys!

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