Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Trend Spasm! – Neon!

The neon way!

Neon colors are the now! Designers have found very creative ways to bring this trend to life and keep us eager to try it. If you don’t have at least one piece in your closet that is a bright neon color you aren’t a true trend keeper. These bold pops of color add more than interest to any look but a great amount of fun and personality. Seems neon is everywhere and incorporated into every piece- clothing, jewelry, bags, and shoes. It’s a new era! An era of intense brilliant color!


Neon clothing isn’t as scary as it sounds; fashions have been designed to contain these bright pigments while still keeping items quite wearable. No need to shy away from the flamboyantly colored clothing, embrace the change!  


The neon trend has spilled over into our accessories. This use of color is absolutely brilliant as it gives any dull, plain or dark look a complete lift. Bags, necklaces, rings, earrings, sun glasses even our nail polish sport the neon trend!  


Foot wear is also involved in this stylish trend! Neon heels, flats, sandals, booties are all very present in today’s fashion. You definitely will be making a bold statement sporting these brilliantly colored shoes.

Tricks of  the trend!
If the 'all neon look' is a little much for your style type, try using just one piece neon and  tone down with subtle color like black or grey to still keep the look trendy but yet classic.

Perfect Examples!


  1. I wish I was capable of pulling off a great neon moment.

    1. I see no reason why you can't! Stop being scared try something small at first like a ring and then gradually go to the bigger pieces!