Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashionista with a brain! – Knowing when it’s time to retire

My fellow style lovers, let’s discuss the importance of knowing when it’s time to put a piece or pieces into retirement! By retire I mean move on to the next best trend that fits us and who we are as individuals.  What is she talking about? Well, I’m talking about coming to the realization that some styles or items we possess are no longer appropriate for us for any one particular reason. Every fashionista knows that as we mature so must our style. I know it may be difficult to give up that favorite piece or outfit but there are some indications that lets us know we must move on.

Ever felt like you no longer suite a particular piece within your closet?
My friends, this isn’t because you are snobbing your style, it simply means that your sense of style has evolved. Do not be afraid to embrace your fashion growth.  Realize that you are not the same age as you were 5 or 10 years ago. With age our ideals will change and that’s all part of what this crazy industry entails, CHANGE and EVOLUTION!
The transition from an adolescent to an adult comes with many challenges and perks.  As it relates to fashion the challenge is to let go of some of our favorites and the main perk is the ability to reinvent ourselves. Know when you have outgrown a particular style or trend, be appropriate to who you are today.


Have you ever worn a piece till its on its last breath?
I’m sure you can admit to having that one item that is begging you just ’let me go!’ People know when it’s time to let go, it’s ok! Aged and over worn items may no longer have the same effect it had in the inception. Some pieces although we may have strong attachment, were not made to endure extensive wear. Metals may discolor, material may lose their luster and other signs of age or dysfunction may appear.
Be aware of the longevity or your pieces, don’t wear articles that are torn and over distressed, keep your look as fresh as possible.


It’s ok to admit that you may not be the same size you use to be, it’s perfectly normal. Size does not determine style, however, with this knowledge we must tell ourselves to adjust to our body’s change. I’ve seen too many occurrences of people making themselves uncomfortable by trying to fit garments that aren’t of the correct size.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in any size bracket, as long as we are healthy and happy with who we are, so why not reflect this in what we wear! Style is not forced it’s a natural part of who we are!

Although fashion is a cycle, there are some trends that won’t be making a recurring appearance anytime soon. Our fashionable conscience is aware that some styles and trends are definitely faded and never to return. My dears I urge you to move forward not only with yourself but also the era we live in. I know I tell you frequently about maintaining your individuality but I also want you to express that in the current world. There are many ways to bring the past to the present while style maintaining your stylistic essence and personality.

Remember retirement isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a symbol of your growth. We all have favorites and they have done us well but lets be aware of when it’s time to move forward in our personal style. When that time comes for that particular item or style to be laid to rest, let us do so and remember it was once a chapter in our fabulous book!

“True fashionistas aren't afraid to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new!'' 

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