Friday, 20 July 2012

Fashionista with a brain- When your mind says ‘Yes!’ & your closet says ‘No!’

My fellow style enthusiast I wanted to share an experience that has caused my need to write this article. I recently (again) enjoyed another day of consuming precious pieces only to come to the realization that some of the articles purchased weren’t necessary.  Now I know we style lovers say that every piece is necessary to our lives, but are they really?  Are there any pieces in your closet that are a duplication of each other? Are there pieces you’ve bought and really haven’t had any use for? Are there pieces you've bought that just aren't suited for you?

Oh I have this already!
Some days we get so caught up in the excitement of shopping and adding new pieces to our collection, we often forget what we already possess. We purchase items that are either identical or very similar to something we already own in our closet, and end up feeling quite upset with ourselves upon realization.
It’s good to practice really pondering on an item before purchasing, and ask yourself a couple questions. Do I already have this? Do I have anything very similar to it? 
It doesn’t make sense (most times, unless it’s a pair of fantastic shoes) to have more than one items that are identical, our closets nor our pockets need that duplicated transaction. Always try to mentally  refer back to your closet to ensure you are actually adding something new to your collection.

I don’t like this anymore!
Ever bought something only to get home and unravel from its packaging and realize you hate it!  It was a big mistake! You really wish you hadn’t made this purchase! The fit is wrong, the color is wrong, it doesn’t seem as cute anymore; sometimes there is no valid reason for our change in heart besides the fact that ‘we just don’t like it anymore’.
Be sure that when you purchase an item, it’s for the right reasons and not just on impulse. Impulse buying is usually the reason behind most returns and refunds. Be sure before you head to that check out line that you can definitely without a doubt in your mind, see yourself making use of your purchase. It’s really a waste of time to have to head back to the stores to fill out return, credit or exchange slips- or even worse, be stuck with an item you loathe, it takes all the fun out of shopping.

I honestly do not need this!
We get so caught up in the excitement of adding new items to our collection that we forget that special word ‘purpose’.  What purpose do we have for our purchase? Are we truly ever going to use it? How much usage will I get out of this item? Is this best suited for me?
We really need to consider the purpose of an item before we make that final purchase.  In a time of recession it isn’t wise to spend wildly on items we truly do not need or will we ever use. Really scale the item for usage and of course if it really suites your style personality. 

My darlings sometimes our eyes and minds deceive us while our closets really wish they could knock us on the heads and straighten out our thinking.  We need to take all factors into consideration in the shopping process.  Remember to not get caught up in the act of impulse purchasing. I know that in terms of fashion all that glitters is probably gold but do we really want or need these tempting pieces.  
To avoid the unnecessary runs to the stores and filling out of return paper work, we need to set barriers to our methods of shopping and selecting items. Put consideration into the investments you are making! 

''The pieces within a fashionista's closet are always functional!''

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