Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fashionista with a brain- The under and over done!

We meet again my loves! While shopping I observed a few other fellow shoppers and immediately thought of this article, where I can  place my opinion on –knowing when to stop and say that’s enough or keep going until its time to stop!  What is she talking about?  I’m talking about the limitations to our dressing skills! This is an essential area that must be addressed with urgency! Sometimes I want to scream “Stop the madness!” Can we truly identify when we’re doing too little or too much?

The under done
The under done is not the minimalist, it is the person who fails to complete the look, given the proper knowledge.   There may not be an actual fashion crime in this area as some of us just prefer less but there are those who really do need some assistance in crossing that finish line.  The idea of too many glittery fabrics, neon colors and layers of jewelry can be quite repulsive to many, and cause one to run in the opposite direction and hide for cover under the blanket of bland but there comes at time when a little extra effort must be made. I am not judging those of you who prefer to keep your looks simple as I too love simple side of fashion. Simple can be classic, simple can be chic!  
It’s also ok to do a little extra, sometimes to achieve that perfect look we need to push the envelopes a bit.  There have been many instances where the addition of one minor item could make a major difference in ones outfit; you can’t run half the race when it comes to fashion.

The over done
This is definitely a punishable crime, and bail should be set high. This is an insult to the eye! These individuals have taken perfectly good fashion statements and depreciated the value by not know when to stop! Too much makeup, too many pieces of jewelry, too much glitter! It’s all just too much, and what’s worse is that there is usually too much of too many items all at once. This fashion flop has to be stopped before it spreads and people start trending it.
It saddens me to know that often the perpetrators are quite fashion savvy individuals and if you really removed a couple hundred items what lies beneath is a quite fashionable outfit.  There are ways to perfect the bold look without wearing your entire wardrobe all at once! The overdone doesn’t only apply to those that over accentuate themselves but there are also those that overdo the limits of the sultry look. Those fashion enthusiast that can’t seem to recognize when baring too much skin becomes too much to bear!
It’s quite easy to get caught in the excitement of styling a look and forgetting to stop at the red light where enough is enough. Do you know when to draw that line, and not let chic turn into costume or vulgar?

It is important to understand that being inappropriate does not only apply to those individuals who have overdone the boundaries of what is acceptable, it also applies where the fashionable requirements aren’t being fulfilled. People… we are soldiers of style, lets be able to differentiate when one is under and over done and let’s be able to resolve it.   The over accessorized, the under dressed, the bland….we have all at some point in time committed one of these crimes but we can now look back and identify what we did wrong. Are we still doing the same mistakes? Are we even aware of our fashion flaws?  I constantly preach the importance of staying true to who you are but let’s also recognize the role fashion and style play in our lives and what it says about us.

"The art of editing is a true attribute of a fashionista!"

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