Saturday, 18 February 2012

Staying With Celeb Trends!

We all have some celebrity whose style we adore! We admire their personal style and the way they portray themselves in their respective jobs and on a personal note. We try to identify with these individuals in our own lives and sometimes even mimic some of their attributes.

Celebrities realize the importance of fashion and styling and the large contribution it makes to their overall image.  It is for this reason that we are always so eager to see "what's next" or "who's wearing what".  Some of us are obsessed with the evolution of our respective idols, and their version of a style personality!  Image is a key factor to the growth and success of most of the individuals, if not all, within the entertainment industry.  It is key to establish a fashion signature! One should be able to look at a piece and have the ability  to identify it with a celeb or individual- this not only says something about styling but also about that person's fashion choices.

For this reason, we will have a segment of our site dedicated to staying on top celeb trends.  Giving our viewers not only the chance to see your favorite celebrity, but the opportunity to keep abreast of the trends and styles that are being set!  We all love change, whether good or bad!  We love seeing transitions and transformations within the style and image industry.  And we all don't have access to fashion houses and shows to see what's next, therefore, we rely on the images of our idols and individuals within the industry, to give us visuals of what's happening now!

Kim Kardashian
Celebrities are always changing their look or creating a signature style and this is what keeps us enthused by them.  We do pay attention to their talents but the first thing we notice is the image!  Trends are being set and inspired everyday by individuals around the world.  Whether it be trends of cultural influence or inspired by some time or place, we look at the images that are put before us and do feel a sense of knowledge of what's now in the fashion industry. And who portrays those images better than individuals we deem as celebrities!  

Our site will show you different celebrities that are deemed as Trendsetters and possess that unique signature style that grabs our attention.  Keeping up with the everyday fashion of well known celebs is no easy task, but we will give it our best shot!

Q-riius Apparel wants you to be able to identify your style as the many celebs have, and maybe with the use of images from your favorite celeb, it will help you to master it!

Look out for this entertaining feature on our upcoming site and stay with us as we promise to Satisfy Your Curiosity!

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