Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Fashion Website with a Difference!!

Fashion websites are many to chose from but only few make an impact that keep a loyal fan base.  Our management team has definitely been studying the elements that make successful retail & fashion websites.  Fashion sites have a major strong hold on the industry and sets the tone for what is "big" in fashion, not to mention aiding in others discovering their sense of style.

In making the decision to become a fashion website, we know that we will have to create a dynamic and unique forefront, and bring forth elements that still showcase our Caribbean roots as well.  Q-riius Apparel isn't only about retail, but we are also about our culture! Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, this site hopes to be more involved in the local market & showcase its talents.

Fashion has a major influence on the people of the Caribbean, and we have seen this especially in our own island of Trinidad &  Tobago.  Our locals are very fashion forward thinkers and aren't afraid to take fashion risk. Our sense of style sets us apart from the rest!

Fashion is everywhere! It isn't just what we wear but its how we LIVE!!! In making that statement, Q-riius looks at how the stylish Caribbean person lives and how much of a role does fashion play in their lifestyle.
From this result our site is formulated, we intend to answer the six (6) vital questions of fashion- Who What When Where Why and How!

Q-riius Apparel's site is built with intention of being unique and very interactive.  The feedback and opinions of our viewers, clients and customers will all be considered. This website definitely has something for everyone! The active socialite, the busy business woman, the student and anyone who loves the fashion industry.

Q-riius Apparel wants to be recognized for being unique in its concepts, products and service.  Stay with us as we emerge, develop, grow and most of all...Satisfy Your Curiosity!!

www.qriiusapparel.com - coming soon

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