Thursday, 12 January 2012

Where fashion and entertainment collide!

Building a site within the Caribbean is tough, but building one that merges fashion and entertainment proves to be even more of a task.  Q-riius apparel is always expanding its view and exploring the endless possibilities there are to us becoming not only unique but a successful website.

We are currently in the final stages of creating our site and our content proves that we are more than the regular retail website, we are a culture.  We have recognized the important role the social arena plays within the fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago and as such have moulded our site around the trends we have seen.

If you have a look at our new teaser which is more of an introduction to our site on you will find that we have incorporated elements that bring together fashion and entertainment.  This dynamic website will not only set trends but also keep you updated with fashionable events and news.

We have found that one always goes hand in hand with the other.....where there is entertainment there is fashion, so what better that to have a website within the Caribbean that gives you a little of everything in one.

Q-riius Apparel is wants to ensure our viewers feel enticed and excited about our ideas and concepts, and hence merging the entertainment world to our fashion sense only adds more interest and appeal.

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