Thursday, 13 October 2011


One the main focuses of this upcoming company is to reach into the world of styling. Research has shown how important the aspect of styling is to the fashion community and how it contributes largely to the success of many designers, boutiques and imagery as a whole. We at Q-riius Apparel want to bring that element to our customers, without the high cost and less hastle.

Styling will be one of the focuses of the site, as we give individuals the option to style themselves or be styled by us.  We will also celebrate those who show a display of great personal style, by making them a feature on our official website.  Q-riius Apparel intends to further explore the world of styling by taking helpful hints from professional stylist and featuring them and their advice on our site, letting our viewers get insight on some secrets to that perfectly styled look!! Q-riius will have other elements that will give styling advice along with suggestions for that special occasion.

As we are a Caribbean based company, of course our suggestions will differ from those of European Countries, due to climate controls, however, there will still be a high standard in maintaining looks that are at par with those countries. Fashion has such an apparent influence on the Caribbean we feel it necessary to incorporate the element of styling into our website, and as such made a category solely dedicated to styling.

Its our hope that you stay with us on our journey to making this site everything we dream of and yet provide our viewers with everything they need.  Stay with us as we....Satisfy Your Curiosity!!