Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Stay up on your game!

Stay up on your game!

There are many reasons that we sometimes stray from the paths we have set for ourselves. Life comes with many distractions and set backs but how do we get past all these obstacles and still stay up on our game? Do we separate ourselves from everyone else? Do we limit the amount of fun we have? Do we just drown ourselves in our own world and turn a blind eye to everything else that's going on around us?

We've been told by our elders,by the stories of history and the people we admire/aspire to be, that 'sacrifice' is the main key to gaining any goals and aspirations. Do we truly understand this concept, is that all it takes? Sometimes it's more than just the social aspects of life that get in our way, sometimes it's the unavoidable tribulations....money issues, health issues, rejection issues. How do we keep a brave face in the midst of all these storms of life? How do we strive to make our dreams a reality when everything we try seems to fail us?

I am no example of some great success, but I have endured a lot during the course of my journey and to this day I can admit I am still struggling. Though I must take responsibility for some of my set backs, others were through no other fault than that of my faith. So how does one continue to strive when it seems the odds are stacked against her.  Well my friends my answer is, we need to learn to FIGHT! I don't mean go out there and burn down the bank for not giving you that loan but I mean never give up!

Fight for what you believe in, and the first thing you need to believe in is YOURSELF! Therefore FIGHT FOR YOU! When you feel to give up and everything inside you says it's over that's when the battle has just begun. Stop letting opinions and circumstances determine your worth and your abilities. Whatever struggle you face, you need to fight! You need to not give in to the feeling of despair and continue to walk the path that you know you were meant for. Even if you don't reach your destination at the end of it all, let your name go down in the history books for being the person that gave their best efforts to make their dream, their reality.  That in itself is a story of success!

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