Monday, 24 February 2014

Carnival 2014 is a Fashion Statement!!

It's that time of year again! It's Carnival season in my island of Trinidad & Tobago! I know I have not said much as the season started but I thought I should as it is not only coming to it's peak but also to a close.

This season is a long one but a highly fashionable one and it seems in every "fete" (what some of you may know as party) the choices in apparel for patrons seem to be of utmost importance. No longer were we seeing just mid-drift tops with denim shorts paired with sneakers but seems that patrons decided that in 2014 style was a big part of the festivities.


Color, accessories and even heels seemed to make its way to these all night, early morning festivities. 2014 Carnival is not only about the music, parties and anticipation of the parade of bands but hugely about concerted efforts in fashion statements.


We know this season as the season of the short shorts but this year it was more than that, it was the season to really step out and dress to impress. Not only did the artiste themselves make some improvements in stage wear but even the men.
Surely there were some that took to the more eccentric side of the fashion spectrum....but this is Carnival! I myself felt challenged to upgrade my choices in wear as this was no ordinary season! Carnival 2014 was a fashion statement!
Fashion-holic and owner of Shoes by FIS: Jihan
& Myself

As the season continues and leads to the biggest and most anticipated parade the world has seen I would like to let you all know that here in Trinidad & Tobago has some of the most fashion forward and innovative fashion thinkers! If you missed this year be sure to secure and schedule a trip for 2015.. cause just like fashion..T&T's Carnival isn't going anywhere!


To those that are here enjoying the endless festivities, I wish you a very enjoyable and safe season! Get ready for the road!!

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