Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hello 2014!!

 So it’s a new year once again & we’re still here & able to do something while we can… so why not still pursue our dreams! And our dream is to cover fashion as best as possible with our resources and still give a valuable but personal point of view.

So 2013 was a big year & while our blog took a back seat we did develop in many more areas. Our social media skills have improved; we've also worked on our clientele & even re-did our upcoming website.

With all the continuous improvements there were still elements missing to this formula that made Q-riius truly unique. That missing element was our blog! Our blog is not only a reflection of our point of view but also helps us in identifying what our role will & can be within this vast world of fashion.

We love nothing more than sharing what fashionable pictures & pieces that we come across… but somewhere along this path of fashion admiration we decided to actively get involved by truly focusing our retail lines.


When I started Q-riius Apparel I always wanted to have my own retail establishment but after many trials & tribulations, fails (not to mention how flooded the market was), I decided to just keep it at a blog level. A blog that had a bit of edge and wasn't all about sunshine & flowers in the fashion industry. I wanted this blog to truly represent all that I had seen & experienced in my attempt to break into this highly competitive field.

But after much disappointing responses I had felt my work would only go in vain and it was better to replicate those blogs that just showcased all the glitter and fabulousness. So how would this benefit me….well at least people would look right? After all I did get into this for the name to become widely known…

I tell you from my own experience never put yourself in a box just because you feel the pressure of others successes or failures. Q-riius is my dream… therefore fail or pass I will try my best and keep pushing forward with whatever limited resources I may have or attain along the way. So with that said 2014 is here and we all make countless New Year resolutions that we never really keep or that get lost somewhere in the midst of this busy schedule we call life.

My resolution is simply to learn from my past and strive to be better in the future. Seems simple right?? It’s not, it’s actually a constant reminder that challenges will come, failures will happen, negative things will be said but guess what at the end of the day you tried! As long as you have tried & given your best there is no one that can take that away from you.

Fashion is more than grand designs, glistening metals & incredible silhouettes… it is (& we live by this slogan) a way of life, an undying message of character, a badge signifying individuality. You live on your own runway & you are the show stopper! Let’s thank 2013 for the many areas of growth but let’s try to maintain who we are in 2014 & strive for better.

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