Tuesday, 11 December 2012

6 Tricks of the Trend- Black & White

If we’re speaking on trends we must address the black and white phase that has swept the fashion industry off its feet. Designers and celebs love this color palette trend because it’s quite easy to put together and it’s great for any occasion. From work to formal, this basic combination has just the right amount of volume for any setting. We may consider the black and white fashion statement as quite common but there are ways to sport this look and not be a total bore.

Here are six tricks to the trend to keep in mind

1. Try sporting this trend in color blocked pieces like dresses, tops or even bottoms  

2. Stripes are another great way to stay with the look and keep the element of fun and sophistication

3. Do the black and white statement by pairing separates, and creating your own cohesive look, this is a great way to show your own style levels

4. Another great way to put together this look is by contrasting materials, patterns and textures to give the look some depth, example lace against silks or chiffon's, plaids against dots 

5.  Bright colored jackets or cardigans over black and white looks are also a great way to have fun and add vibrancy to your look

6. Use pop alternative jewel toned or metallic accessories and shoes to give this trend an ultra glam finish. Great colors like gold, blue, red, yellows can all work in your favor! 

Ok guys! So that's our six tips to rock the black and white trend, we hope you find the way that best suites your style and maybe create your own! 

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