Sunday, 25 November 2012

WTF!!- What the frock!

Really have no idea what some of these celebs were thinking or maybe they should seriously consider hiring or firing their stylist! These women are too gorgeous and lets not forget RICH to look like such disasters.

Lets see a few of these unfortunate fashion statements....

Rihanna- so gorgeous yet so tragic

Kesha- only Kesha knows what Kesha was thinking

Lindsay Lohan- so close but she just had to cheapen it up

Rihanna- something about this look isn't too bad but it is ugly

Jessica Biel- get it together you are a Timberlake now!

Kate Moss- You are starting to show your age in not so nice ways

Dakota Fanning- please dress like you want to continue acting

Sarah Jessica Parker- You almost had it all, until you killed Mickey Mouse

Chloe Sevigny- this look is medically unfit to be seen in public

Jessica White- Looks like a mourner on vacation 

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