Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Trend Spasm- Color Block

The name alone suggests what this trend is about! This is the art of taking differently colored palettes and pairing them together to create a complete outfit. This is probably one of the most simple and fun ways to be fashionable and stay on trend.

The color block trend has had huge impact this year and the designers have kept this style on the latest runways showing us many ways to diversify the look. The trend can be done in either a single garment or by putting pieces together, this is a super easy trend to achieve and it’s almost impossible to fail at putting it together. 

Color Blocked Garments:

Tops, Dresses, Bottoms all sport the color block trend. These well constructed designs create great slimming illusions with the use of bold colors and camouflaging designs. The combinations of differently colored panels add a very structured and refined finished look. Garments of this nature can be great for the office and other elegantly casual occasions. 

Creating a color blocked outfit:
This skill of taking differently colored pieces and putting together to create a complete outfit takes us to new heights of our fashion sense. A true fashionista will attest to how fun putting these ensembles together can be. This is definitely a bold and daring fashion statement but it will surely get you on the best dressed list.    

One of my favorite aspects of this trend is how they have incorporated it into our footwear! These designs are a must have! These multicolored foot coverings bring so much life to any outfit and also speak wonders on ones personality. Pair these with a simple one toned outfit and watch yourself transform from a quiet look to a bold trend setting style!


This trend can also be seen sported in other areas like our bags, jewelry and even in our nails. This definitely adds lots of uniqueness and interest to items of a more personal nature.

Take a look a some Perfect Examples!

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