Thursday, 25 October 2012

WTF!!! - What the FROCK!

I never wanted to do any segment on my blog bashing celebs or anyone for that matter but sometimes I see things that make me go WTF!
It's hard to understand why anyone would pay a stylist to put together some of these outfits and truly be brave enough to sport them without fear. Again this makes me want to stress that one ought to have some control over the style choices that are being made to represent them and truly ask yourself "will this work?" What The Frock is a segment dedicated to those looks that definitely require some of those celebs out there to either hire or fire a stylist! It's beyond me to try to even attempt to comprehend some of these get ups, so I'll leave that up to you...

Here's Snooki doing a lil too much all at the same time and where does the rose come in?

Usually we love Sarah Jessica Parker's unique style but here all we can see is loads of fabric

Here's Snooki again, trying a little harder this time but  just can't seem to get it right

Lindsay's almost like watching the titanic sink again....

So at first I thought Elle Fanning was at a costume party  but then I saw it was a fashionable event, I'm more than lost on this outfit

Macy Gray is known for being different, but I thought by now she'd get some style with it

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