Friday, 5 October 2012

Fashionista with a brain! - CLIMATE CONTROL!

Writing as a person that lives in a Caribbean island, some of my opinions may be biased towards the region’s climate controls. I too love the many offerings of the fashion world but let’s face it- we can’t sport them all! Not because we don’t want to but because circumstances beyond our control restrict us from doing so. One major circumstance is our CLIMATE. 

The Caribbean basically has two seasons, the rainy season and our lovely heat season.  We do not have spring, fall, autumn or winter, and while some may say we have “summer”, this is simply just untrue. We work within the climate we are provided and they are quite limited when it comes to changes in seasons, however, this does not make us fashion backward people or less fashion adequate. This just means we possess a different culture  in our style and have adjusted our fashionable selves to the change in weather instead of season.   

We don’t do fur!

Not one to encourage cruelty to animals, that will have to be another topic to discuss but lets focus on the fact that whether it’s fake or real we (as Caribbean people) should not be sporting this trend. There isn’t much of a reason beyond the basic fact; the incessant heat will turn that fur into wet fuzz.  As luxurious as it may look it just isn't a trend we can realistically sport.

To boot or not to boot!

Boots have a way of creating a look of confidence and adventure; let’s not forget how sexy they look as well. This form of footwear is quite popular around the globe and they are well within their rights to be held at such a high rank, however, if you belong to a Caribbean hemisphere it would be best to evaluate which boots are actually practical. Mid calf and thigh high boots as sexy as they maybe carry a lot of heat, this can become irritable after prolonged use, the addition of the natural atmosphere’s temperature may make this discomfort more intense. On another side, boots are great for our rainy weathers but I’m not talking knee high stiletto types. Footwear is an essential part to any outfit and to any climate but be mindful of your comfort levels.

Sweater or just make me sweat
Sweaters are probably one of the most comfortable pieces one can wear. They keep us cozy and don’t call for us to do too much prepping. The easier the outfit is to put together the better! Sweaters are great for work or casual evening hangouts.  There isn't much you can do to make the sweater look be bad. So I do recommend the usage of sweaters in the Caribbean region, however, I wouldn't recommend it for a hot day time event. Be aware of the temperatures of the occasions where you may decide that a sweater is a part of your outfit. Another aspect to consider is the thickness of the weave of the sweater, as this can keep in a lot of heat especially in a Caribbean island setting.

The right scarf

Scarves are a fun accessory to any outfit for almost every occasion. These well designed strips of fabric add so much luster and sophistication to a look; it’s quite hard to resist the temptation of owning one. Scarves can be found in an assortment of luminous colors and are made from a variety of materials: from flowy chiffons to weaves of wool.  Once thought to be only used for cold climates, they have now found a way to be used for any and everyday events. Another fun attribute of the scarf is the limitless fun and innovative ways they can be worn! From being snuggly wrapped around the neck, to just draped on the shoulders or even for hair coverage. I do suggest that you possess at least one but again I re-iterate that in a Caribbean climate consider the type of scarf you purchase and the way you would wear it.

Fashionistas are all around the world, where any and every climate may exist, however, the trick is to have the ability to adapt your fashion to your atmosphere.  We are not limited to what we can wear because of where we may be located, but we should pay attention to what works and what doesn't especially where our comfort levels are concerned. It’s all a matter of functionality and the ability to still remain stylish.

“Fashionistas are made with the ability to adapt!” 

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