Saturday, 27 October 2012

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Hello friends!

So I firstly want to thank you all for taking time to read this little blog, this is something I truly love doing and I appreciate every view I have recieved. I never thought I could really have an opinion on the fashion industry as my personal style is quite subtle.  I do however possess an eye for rich and sophisticated designs and textures which stems from having worked in the fashion and retail industry under some of the top names not only in the country but Caribbean.

I share a great love for fashion and design and thus I have taken it past this blog to facebook pages.  I have created these pages for both men and women to enjoy the offerings of this stylish society we live in. I welcome you to like our pages and share your thoughts. This will be another avenue for us to reach closer to my audience and give insight into what you require.


Kings By Nature
The male page is name "Kings By Nature- because you were born to be KINGS!"

Q-riius Apparel-

The female page bears our name "Q-riius Apparel- Satisfy your curiosity"

My goal is to turn these pages into websites that not only speak on fashion but also on our fashionable lifestyle. It is truly important to recognize that both genders seek fashion advice and style inspiration but it is equally important to fulfill those needs. I will continue to share what I have learnt from this industry as I am inspired by life and those in it, you are my reason to continue on my quest to create a dynamic and unique fashion entity and every day I learn. I welcome you to walk with me on this journey and also to guide me along the way.

Thank you once again for all the responses I have gotten thus far and for the encouragement given. There is so much in store for Q-riius Inc. (the mother of Q-riius Apparel and Kings By Nature), that I am willing to share. I pray and hope that I continue to be blessed with knowledge, strength and desire to stay on this path and peek your interest.

Please see our pages and thank you once again for all your continued support!


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