Saturday, 22 September 2012

Trend Spasm!- LET IT SHINE!

We all have a little fascination with 'shine', especially in the area of fashion and trends. Pieces that sparkle truly do bring more than light to a look but also a sense of luxury and glamour. We have been seeing the sparkle trend hit the runway several times in NYFW (New York Fashion Week), realizing that designers keep finding new innovative ways to incorporate the 'shine element' in every aspect of fashion.  

We are intrigued by the thought of venturing out in show stopper pieces that are reminiscent of metals and glitter but do we really dare to wear! Metallic materials, embellishments and precious stones are all contents of the shine trend that all contribute to creating a piece that will be truly hard to miss or ignored. Designs are inspired by classics of the past while still being modern, keeping elements of romance and allure. This trend also has a sense of expensiveness with its rich tones and textures. Let’s see some of the pieces that sport this bold and sophisticated style that make us one with the stars.


The “shine” element in the area of clothing either comes in the form of the material used or the d├ęcor placed on a piece or design. Embellishments and metallics are a big trend coming to the end of this year 2012. These looks are great for special dinner events and the upcoming holidays such as Christmas and New Year. Dresses, Shirts, Tops, Jackets are just some of the garments that are being sported with the dazzling liquid metal look.


Some would think that this is where the shine aspect originated. Accessories were invented to add the shine and rich element to our outfits. This is truly a way to display your feminine need for all that glitters. I definitely suggest you try to have a few pieces of bedazzled jewelry that will definitely highlight your sense of style. It’s doesn’t always have to be diamonds to be precious!


Not since Dorothy in Wizard of Oz have we been more obsessed with glittering shoes. These are a must have! No need to have lots pairs as one will have the effect that last for many. Shoes of this nature aren’t to be worn for every and any occasion; one must be quite strategic in their aim to make use of their sparkly footwear. With shoes like these it would be suggested to keep the rest of the outfit’s tone quite subtle, forget walking let your shoes do the talking!

Tricks of the Trend!
All those sequins and sparkle may be little much for some. To wear this look without that much of the bright lights, pair it with a mono tone piece that is plain in color and design and use very demure or minimum accessories. 

Perfect examples:

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