Saturday, 4 August 2012

Trend Spasm! - Embellishments

Trend spasm is my new segment that will speak on the current hot trends being set and how we can do it ourselves. I’m really excited about adding this segment to my blog, so I hope you enjoy!

Let’s talk a little on a trend we’ve been seeing a lot lately: The embellished look! I personally love the look- zippers, chains, studs, spikes, gems, sequins! Seems almost every piece of accessory or clothing is being decorated to some degree.  This trend has been very popular this year and it seems to be even more prevalent in today’s fashions. Embellishments add extra personality and volume to any stylish look. Let’s look at the trend make its way through our wardrobes and some ways to rock the look!


There seems to be an obsession with adding décor to our apparel. We see embellishments being used highly in gowns and evening wear as this adds the glam and sophistication.   The trend can also be sported in day time and party outfits, once done right.


So now our accessories are being accessorized and we love it! We’ve observed the embellished look on many pieces of jewelry, there isn’t any doubt that it adds more interest and sparkle.  See this look also featured on the fabric collars or bibs, which are great in place of regular necklaces. Spikes and studs can be seen on bracelets and rings. Highly decorated handbags and clutches are another personal favorite; this adds a bit of edge to every outfit and is great for any occasion.   


Embellished shoes are such a bold statement nothing is discrete about this kind of fancy footwear. Shoes of all types are being accented with all types of hardware to create much interest. Wedges, pumps, sandals, flats- see them all sporting this funky feature. An embellished shoe says more about your personality than any other piece in my books, it says “look at me, I am here!”

Perfect Examples! 

Go on and jump into the trend, we promise you it won't hurt!

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