Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fashionista with a brain- Trendsetter or Copy Cat!

Lets talk about a bit on defining the difference between the terms trendsetter and copy cat.  Do we know one from the other? Are we aware of which we belong to?


A term used to define a person who starts or leads a particular cycle in fashion and leaves their imprint on style; this word is derived from the noun trend- which in fashion terms is ‘the now!’  We call many trendsetters, but do we use the term loosely?
Persons not only in the industry may carry this label but any individual with a stylistic and unique point of view with the ability to create lasting impressions. The idealisms of a trendsetter is to create fashion forward and admirable looks through their own personal style and choices. True there are many deserving of such a title, but by whose standards are they declared trendsetters? We hail many celebrities as being trendsetters for their exuberant displays of personal style, but these looks are usually under the responsibility of stylist and many image consultants…so who then is really the trendsetter? The designer? The stylist?

Fashion Imitator (Copy cat!) 

Being a copy cat isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I prefer to use the term Fashion Imitator. The world of style is beautiful and is meant to be shared so why not take a couple notes here and there.  However, if you are going to attempt to replicate a particular style or trend, please be aware of your own style and body type.  It is undoubtedly a crime to recreate a look that isn’t suited to who you are. There is no discrimination when it comes to fashion but there is discretion.
There are ways to re-create looks and trends and yet still make it your own. Always try to own your looks by adding some feature that directly speaks on your personality. 

We are all imitators of some trend when it comes to fashion. Many were here before us and many will be here after, its the impression that you make that matters most. Trendsetting is not necessarily being the first to sport the latest brand or design, it's all about how you put it together! You are the essential piece to the puzzle of becoming a trendsetter, confidence in your style is the other piece that makes it complete. 

"A true trendsetter owns their style, you set the trend!"

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