Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fashionista with a brain- The art of Repeat Offending

My fellow fashion enthusiast let’s discuss the art of repeating, one to which I myself can personally relate! Yes there is an art behind it! Whether it’s a dress, top, shoe or a particular piece of jewelry, there is a way to get more than one use out of an item, look utterly fabulous and keep your look fresh -all at the same time!
Repeating a particular outfit or piece has its benefits and the one majorly being it saves us on cost.  There are few rules to the repeating process however, that one should keep in mind, as we definitely don’t want to be seen as obvious repeat offenders.

Don’t wear consecutively!
I think this is the most important of all the rules to follow. There are times that we do get in the habit of using one particular or favorite item but let’s try to space the gaps between wears.  We don’t want our favorite pair of shoes to be classified as our only pair of shoes (even if it is, no one has to know) or even worse we don’t want to destroy our favorite pieces with over use.
We must remember to regulate the consistency to which we wear a piece, so that your look is always fresh and of course stylish.

Change the tone of the outfit!
This is a way of recycling a look or piece. It’s very helpful find ways to re-invent a look while using the same piece. Try adding other items that change the tone of your look, this takes attention away from the fact that a repeat is being done, whether it be a jacket, hat or brooch- any item that can create a completely different image. Think of this scenario- If on your last occasion you wore a piece quite casually, try dressing it up a little more the next time and make the look either elegantly casual or formal where possible.

Never wear to same event/function
My last tip and one that should be clear in our minds: never wear an outfit twice to the same event or function. This is a definite no no, especially if it is a big important function like a company dinner or awards event. Repeating an outfit in a repeat event is a terrible mistake that one should steer clear of, this should only happen in cases where a uniform is required.

We should have a relationship with the pieces in our wardrobe; each piece should be significant to our fashion sense.  We should be able to immediately identify the use of each item. I definitely do not believe in wearing a piece once and disposing of it after, the thought alone seems absurd! We should enjoy each piece we own but we must do this in such a way that our image of being a trendsetter is spotless.

“Fashionistas don’t just recycle, we re-invent!” 

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