Friday, 6 July 2012

What will make us work!

What makes a website fail or succeed in the Caribbean?  What are the keys to excelling in this field? Well, though Q-riius Apparel has decide to start its operations in this form, we do frequently ask ourselves these questions.

After much investigation of the market and its trends, we've realized that fashion websites of the Caribbean aren't getting as much deserved attention.  We've also noticed that the priority of creating fashion websites & blogs within the Caribbean isn't that high either.  So its no wonder we see so many far and few Caribbean fashion websites and blogs.  Of course we have many fashionistas and we may take fashion just as important as the Europeans, but the truth is there is a lack of innovation.  We ourselves have fallen victim to this crime and have formatted strategies to assist us with consistency.

Placing a couple pretty pictures here & there won't necessarily make us fashion experts, what we need is a unique opinion, a point of view that some may agree with and some may disagree. We need to be educated on the ins and outs of fashion & style. We need the opinions of those within the field & those who are lovers of the industry. After viewing many of blogs (and there are thousands out there), we notice & appreciate the style & content used.  It is so important to have a unique opinion but yet be flexible enough to adhere to the opinions of others. It is also important to be knowledgeable of trends, design & seasons.

Q-riius Apparel isn't a site that will speak on the intricate details of fashion and design, there won't be much on criticism of which celebs are wearing what.  We are focused on appreciating individuals and their sense of style. We speak on aspects that contribute to our over all style. What we wear, why we wear it, where do we go....and most importantly how do we feel!

What will make us work is understanding the nature & culture of fashion within the Caribbean, while still having the ability to connect with you!

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