Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fashionista with a brain- Personality or Personal Style

My fellow style enthusiast,
I wanted to ask, does personal style have a true connection with personality?  We know the grasp that individual style has on fashion or vice versa. But how is personality connected to style? Does someones personal attributes have a reflection on their sense of style?  We lets talk on a few of the style personalities we've noticed.

The fashion snob

We've all met one or many! Not the individual that declines to be fashionable or shuns trends. We are talking about the individual with that very atrocious personality but has a keen sense of style! We're actually afraid to complement these persons their fab looks. We fear the looks and snares that we receive just by looking in their direction.  Lets be honest these persons do make you feel a little beneath them.
The fashion snob does not want to be complemented by the common man, they are over confident in themselves, though confidence is never bad there comes a time when it over powers anything you could ever wear.
Style characteristics: Elegance,Sexy, Classic, Lots of neutral colors, Shoe fanatic, exclusive pieces,enjoys high end brands

The cheer princess!

This personality is all too happy! Their love for pink, hearts and flowers are reflected in everything they do! The cheer princess is quite a happy camper and sees nothing but sunshine and rainbows! We love this bubbly personality as she can walk into any room and brighten the atmosphere. The cheer princess isn't as fickle as it may seem, as a sense of sexuality is present. She is enchanted by glitz and glam but has a personal disposition that many can relate.
Style characteristics: bright colors, feminine silhouettes, florals, patterns, delicate jewelry, sheer & light materials

Ms. Cool

Definitely a trendsetter, anything she puts together seems to all work. She is approachable and comfortable in any environment. The latest trends aren't that important to her, as she sets her own.  She is feminine but not soft. Very inspired by styles before her time and recreating those looks to fit how she presently feels.
Style characteristics: fun, likes layers or chunky pieces, loose fitting easy garments, mixes patterns, colors & prints, enjoys a good bargain, loves neutrals and subtle colors

The tough girl

Anything that seems daring or out of the ordinary seems to agree with the style type. She is not seen as approachable but it's due to her being misunderstood. She is repulsed by florals and hearts, it is cruelty on the eyes to her type. Her words are blunt and may cut you deeply, but you should really not bother this kind too much as they are easily annoyed! Space is necessary to her growth, for this reason she doesn't want to do or wear anything that bring too much unwanted attention her way.
Style characteristics: Daring, fun, sexy pieces, dark colors, enjoys mostly black, chunky jewels, loves vintage, spandex and leather

We are all different and we should embrace our uniqueness. Our style is reflected by our personalities, but our personalities make us who we are!

"A true fashionista knows who they are, their style is just another reflection of individuality & personality!"

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