Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fashionista with a brain-The Fashionista

Hello again my glam soldiers! Today I want to talk a little on the term Fashionista!
What truly makes you a fashionista? What are the key qualities one should possess to be called such?  Well here is my attempt (in my own thoughts) to break it all down based on what I’ve observed from being around these glam goddesses and also being one myself.

The term ‘Fashionista’
The word fashionista (which isn’t an actual word in the English dictionary) really means ‘Fashion Lover’. This isn’t a gender bias term but it’s usually used when describing females but men too can also be fashionistas. A person’s level of obsession and enthusiasm with the fashion and style world is what determines whether or not they can be considered a legitimate fashionista.
Many have used the term to categorize themselves as fashion stylist but the term isn’t limited to the profession of styling.

What being a fashionista means
As previously declared, a fashionista is a lover of all things fashion! What it means to be a true fashionista is not only your declaration of love but a dedication and endless infatuation with all things of this glam industry and its development; the trends, the styling techniques, knowledge of brands and designs and of course an eye for detail. There is so much that goes into the fashion and image industry, being open minded, educated and truly inspired on such will majorly boost your fashion skills and ratings.

Are there different types of fashionistas?
My darling viewers, in this world of fashion we speak a separate language from the masses; we have our own slangs and terms to determine or distinguish ones role and devotion to fashion.  For this reason I won’t agree with saying we have different types, but more different levels of fashion lovers. A person now entering this environment may not be as informed as a glorified expert, but with time and knowledge a sense of expertise begins to develop, and so too does your individuality and unique style signature.
We all differ in style, taste or even the luxuries provided to us but it doesn’t make us any less of a fashion lover!

Conclusion-I am a fashionista!
If you are truly fascinated by this world, if you truly are dedicated to your style and inspired by the style of others…You are a Fashionista! We all can have some contribution to the industry, whether we do blogs, own a boutique or design our own pieces- it’s all a matter of perfecting it.
My fellow style connoisseurs, I urge you to take your place in this intense, exciting and ever evolving world. It’s more than purchasing a couple cute outfits and sparkly pieces; it’s a true appreciation for an art form, and a vision of going beyond whats is labelled 'the norm', its about being creative! 

"A fashionista isn't only obsessed with clothing, they're obsessed with a fashionable way of life!"

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