Sunday, 8 July 2012

Caribbean fashion or lovers of fashion

There are so many views on what exactly is Caribbean fashion, and what dictates whether or not a garment  or particular look can be labelled as such, but fashion within the Caribbean goes way beyond the stereo typed realms. It's not always about bright floral patterns, or flowy airy materials, or garments that  are easy and yet daring.  Fashion in this hemisphere comes in all forms of fits, colors and design.

Hailing from an island where the rhythm is powered by steel drums, the culture is explosive and the people full of exuberance, its quite easy to see that fashion and style have evolved from what is expected of a island under the sun.  No longer are we in fear to wear all black ensembles due to heat or venture out in materials that are thicker ans bulkier in quality.  No, that time has past.  Though we love that image of easy breezy, we still have a flair for structured pieces and contemporary lines.

The strong influence of international designers and trends are boldly seen in today's streets and events. Many can attest to the development of style within the region, as we have designers who have breaked into the international community of fashion.  So what is Caribbean fashion? Well it is simply put "fashion" need to categorize us by region. We can roll with the big dogs (as a matter of speaking), we definitely have what it takes to stand alongside the most elite and celebrated within the business. Beyond the design aspect, lets also look at the personal style of individuals within the region. Style is a representation of who we are, and there is definitely a unique expression and interpretation of personal style echoed in today's society.  There is nothing we can't or won't wear; it all depends on how we feel.

So let's not label and limit ourselves to whether we are Caribbean or not. We are are proud of where we are from but we are also put simply, lovers of fashion.

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