Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What Inspires Us.

There is a reason for all that we do, say, think and in the case of fashion WEAR!  In entering the ever evolving world of fashion,styling and retail, it is a good idea to identify your reasons for aiming towards involvement in such an industry.  There are many challenges and avenues within fashion and styling, but the main challenge we are faced with is the many point of views that flood the markets. So what makes us different?  Well the main difference about us, is that we hail from a fashion forward thinking Caribbean Island, Trinidad & Tobago.  An island that deems fashion within its culture, and creating impacts not only across the Caribbean region but the world at large.

Taking a look alone at the local designing talent this country possess, such as, Peter Elias, Heather Jones, Meiling and Project runway 2011 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee (to name a few), gives you  some insight as to how fashionable of a nation we are.  Not only should we look at the contributions of our local designers, but lets also look at the natural style and flare that Trinidadian people posses. This is another element that we believe makes us stand out from the rest. We celebrate our people -Fashion is in how we live, we are naturally stylish people! Doing a website that places emphasis on this, is important to us and we believe this will add to our success.

Inspiration also comes from those local talents within the image industry, make up artiste, hair stylist, nail technicians, wardrobe stylist etc. These individuals in their respective post help put our complete look together, play a large role in the finished and polished look.

The beauty and talents that make up the fashion and image industry are all elements to our site, but the beauty and talent from our local players within the arena is our focus!  We are heavily inspired by those around us, those before us and the unique flare of Caribbean people.  Q-riius Apparel will be a site that truly embodies what style represents in our country.  Our logo colors are a reminder of where we are from but our site will be a mirror of who we are.
Trinidad & Tobago Flag

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