Wednesday, 18 January 2012


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Q-riius Apparel will introduce our audience to the 'Q-riius Trendsetter' and that person is YOU! Yes you! We take a segment of our site to appreciate our stylish viewers and give them the opportunity to share their fashionable point of views. We at Q-riius Apparel aren't just about getting customers but we are majorly focused on creating a family, one that shares and opens opportunities within the fashion and styling industry.

Do you have the ability to take any piece and create your own fashion statement! Well this is definitely the segment of our site that is devoted to you! The "trendsetter" portion of our site is for all our viewers, there is no discrimination to age, size or style type, YOUR STYLE SETS OUR TRENDS! On the opening of our site we encourage all to participate in this monthly contest and show us what being a trendsetter means to you!

Stay tuned for more details!!

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