Friday, 13 January 2012

Be A Part of the Q-riius Family!

As you many already have noticed, there are many aspects to the Q-riius Apparel website to come, and we use this blog to give a sneak peek into what is in store. Here we discuss the opportunity for others to become a member of the Q-riius Family.

Q-riius Apparel will give other designers and/or boutique owners the opportunity to have their items showcased on its website.  We will also place emphasis on these individuals and their fashionable point of view.

Creating a website that not only appeals to the senses of the fashion thinkers but also to the fashion creators, giving them the opportunity to display their contributions to the industry.  Appreciating the works of other individuals within the industry, we are aiming towards becoming a renowned retail company that offers assortments of upscale and distinctive apparel and accessories to our customers.

We also ensure that individuals who join us would now become clients to the Q-riius Apparel brand and therefore we focus on creating and offering a superior service and package to those individuals. We understand the heavy cost that come along with rent, advertising and distribution, therefore we have moulded packages that help will ensure our clients are not only meet sales quotas but gain enhanced recognition.

To gain more details on becoming a member of the Q-riius Apparel family send queries to or, we will answer any questions you may have.

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