Friday, 30 September 2011

Q-riius Apparel's Aim

As we enter into this fascinating world of fashion and the retail industry, we can't help but wonder and ask will we be received???  Will the local community embrace us and encourage in our endeavors or will they have a difficult time understanding our processes and thus not accept us! Hmm..its something to wonder about!! As most are scared of NEW concepts from UNKNOWN individuals, we wonder how our concepts and ideas will be accepted.

All the more reason we named ourselves Q-riius Apparel (pronounced curios apparel).....we are eager to break into the fashion world especially in the Caribbean, as we see this where some of the most outstanding talent and designs are conceived.  Q-riius Apparel promises to be part of a wide range of avenues to get the masses to see and experience what the Caribbean has to offer in the world of fashion.

Jewelry, clothing, stlying, entertainment, modelling are all some of the elements we will incorporate in this website.  We will will be studying and taking strategic notes from some of the worlds most successful online retailers and finding new ways to bring those elements of service and quality to our local region. With the use of ever changing themes, astonishing imagery and interactive elements...its quite easy for us to say we will be a force to reckon with in the near future.

Q-riius Apparel isn't about just selling garments to the masses, we are about building a community within the fashion industry.  One which puts us on levels with other top European Companies and helps us understand the importance of supporting one another in the Caribbean region. Though Q-riius is starting as a small enterprise, you may have interpreted by reading this, that it by no means intends to remain a small entity.  The direct aim of Q-riius Apparel is to show case ALL upcoming and existing Caribbean designers on one platform. As simple as it may sound, we understand that this is a great task, but it is one we are willing to under go, we will open as a retailer with a difference and build our credibility as time goes by.

Stay with us, as we grow, as we open and as we enter the fashion industry.

Owner Q-riius Apparel
Ria De Fouir

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